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Our Services

Newbies (Newborns)

I like to photograph them within the first 10 days of life, this is when they sleep the most and you can get some great curled up shots. Most newborn sessions, I come to you. This is where everyone is the most comfortable and don't be alarmed if I move your stuff around and open the blinds all the way up!! I like to shot them in their birthday suit (can also do outfits) and have many props to use if you are into that kinda thing. I also offer a newbie club. It's the first year of their life and we do a photo shot at each of the milestone months, birth, 3, 6, 9, and 12 months. If this is something you are interested in let me know!


These sessions are normally shot in the last month of pregnancy. They are done in the studio or around the studio. It is a very private session that is only photographed to your comfort levels. I prefer to have a consultation to see what you have in mind. We can include chlidren, families, husbands, or just you!


Your wedding is very important time in your life that marks a new beginning. My goal is to make your day a memoriable one whether it is being tradition or unique, to be an addition to your day and capture every memory you could ever imagine! I like to try new ideas if you are up for it! I love to have fun and get non- traditional images as well as traditional. I always have two photographers at each wedding to insure nothing is missed! Engagement photos are included in wedding and receptions bookings.


Love taking portraits of children. I love to make them smile, laugh, and just have fun. I always try to connect with them, so that it isn't just a tense posed portrait. I like the session to tell a story. These are fun to do at the childs favorite place or somewhere that they are comfortable at. I have props and different accessories to add to the session if you like that sort of thing! Nothing is better than a happy child. Having a child of my own, I completely understand that some days just will not work and is not a good day. No problem, I will happily reschedule for another day!


If you have a place that you love or want to have in your photograph...I'm there! I like family portraits to be natural and express who you truly are. Maybe you have a special place that is a tradition, maybe the playground is where your children love, or maybe you want to come check the studio out? There are endless possibilities, let's make a memory like no other!


Whether you are in Perry, Muskingum, Licking, or where ever you are from....let's have some fun. I guarentee you are going to laugh and never forget your photo shoot! I can come to you, you can come to me, we can meet in the middle, or we can do both! I like to talk about outfits when you book your session. Clothes can make or break your portrait. But I am here to help make sure it is never a break session!


One of my favorites! They are like kids, you never know what you have til they come through the door! Their personalities can be so unpredictable and adorable all at the same time! Animals are the love of my life and I always have a way with them!! Don't think I can make a memory with a pet.....try me!

Alphabet Lettering

I can take your last name, saying, phrase, or some word that means a lot to you and turn it into art. I take photographs of objects that take the shape of a letter and make a collage to make the word, phrase, lastname, or whatever you want. I can frame them in old barnwood siding with barbwire to hang it. You can buy just the print or the print and frame too.


Mother Earth is the most beautiful thing to look at. She impresses me every day with the magic she holds. I love to take photographs of beautiful things and make you feel like you are in the moment I was when you look at them!

I'm sure that i'm missing something....if you don't see if don't hesitate to ask!